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Welcome to Omadli Group, your trusted partner in data analytics. We are a team of experienced professionals who specialize in using machine learning algorithms to extract valuable insights from data. Our core values of Excellence, Service, and Integrity guide us in everything we do, ensuring that we deliver top-notch service and work of the highest quality. At Omadli Group, we understand that navigating the complex world of data can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a range of services designed to help businesses like yours make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes. From data mining and visualization to data optimization and business process improvement, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Our approach to data analytics is thorough and detailed, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency. We begin by understanding your specific requirements, including data sources, volume, and the types of queries the warehouse needs to support. We then set up an AWS Redshift cluster, choosing the right size and type of nodes to ensure optimal performance and cost-efficiency. After establishing connections to your data sources, we use AWS data migration tools to transfer existing data into Redshift. We structure this data into a schema that supports efficient querying and analysis, implementing indexing and other optimization strategies to speed up data retrieval. Our ETL strategies are designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data. We carefully select and retrieve data from trustworthy sources, clean and standardize it, and implement checks to verify that all data has been accurately transferred. We also conduct periodic audits and maintain detailed logs to track data changes and address any discrepancies immediately. What sets our approach apart is our commitment to excellence, service, and integrity. We deeply analyze your business model to provide customized solutions that leverage the most suitable innovations and automation. We also place a strong emphasis on data integrity, ensuring that the data managed through our ETL processes is not only accurate and reliable but also consistently aligns with compliance standards. Our data mining and visualization services are designed to make complex data easy to understand. We use a variety of statistical and machine learning algorithms, depending on the specific needs and data types of each project. For example, we might use linear regression to forecast financial outcomes, logistic regression for binary classification tasks, or decision trees for classifying customers into different segments. To ensure that the insights extracted from data mining are actionable, we begin by understanding your business objectives and the specific challenges you face. We then utilize advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract these insights, ensuring they are not only accurate but also meaningful and directly applicable to your operational context. Our data optimization and business process improvement solutions are meticulously aligned with our clients’ overarching goals by focusing on enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and increasing profitability. Through tailored strategies and collaborative approaches, we ensure that our innovative solutions directly address our clients' specific objectives, enabling them to achieve their desired outcomes with precision and effectiveness. At Omadli Group, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of data, providing you with valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes. Our core values of Excellence, Service, and Integrity guide us in everything we do, ensuring that we deliver top-notch service and work of the highest quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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At Omadli, we merge efficiency and improvement, ensuring optimized outcomes for your business success.

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Let us simplify data analytics for you. We’ll tailor strategies to boost your business outcomes.

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At Omadli Group, our visual analytics spot opportunities swiftly, empowering smart decisions. Seize the moment.

What our clients say

What our
Clients say

Brandi Dugal - The Fidget Game

I recently had the pleasure of working with Zulfiya on a Sales Prediction Methodology project, and I can confidently say it was a game-changer for my business. Zulfiya’s expertise and thoroughness in her approach were truly commendable. From the outset, Zulfiya demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of sales forecasting. She meticulously extracted data from various sales channels, providing me with a comprehensive overview of my business’s performance. What truly set Zulfiya apart was her commitment to excellence. She didn’t just deliver results; she delivered insights that were invaluable in preparing for my pitch on Shark Tank. Zulfiya’s dedication to the project was evident through her timely delivery and the transparent communication she maintained throughout the process. The weekly meetings she organized to review and explain the methodology were instrumental in ensuring that I grasped the nuances of the predictions. Her ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable insights was truly appreciated. Working with Zulfiya was not only a professional collaboration but also an educational experience. She went above and beyond to ensure that I not only had accurate sales predictions but also understood the methodology behind them. This knowledge proved to be a crucial asset during my Shark Tank pitch, where confidence and data-driven decisions are paramount. I wholeheartedly recommend Zulfiya for anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable professional in sales prediction methodologies. Her expertise, commitment to excellence, and exceptional communication skills make her an invaluable asset to any business endeavor. Thanks to Zulfiya, I entered the Shark Tank with confidence and left with a successful pitch.

Dan Hardy - RCD

We hired Zulfiya and the Omadli Group to design and build some really complex financial real estate analytics reports and dashboards to help us better understand and visualize our portfolio KPIs using PowerBI. They were very professional, responsive, and quick to pick up on what we were looking for. They delivered high-quality work on time and for a very reasonable price. They were able to create insightful and interactive reports and dashboards including very powerful drillthroughs.We would definitely work with them again and recommend them to anyone who needs help with the Microsoft analytics and business automation.

Reina Reyes - Straighterline

I have been working directly with Zulfiya and her team since October 2022. Zulfiya is responsive with such a quick turnaround on all requests. Her and her team are so knowledgeable in all areas, everything from meeting basic reporting needs, troubleshooting report issues, data visualization and presentation and even data architecture. Zulfiya is consistently solutions-focused, no matter what challenges are presented or if even we do not have a solution fully thought out, her and her team have gone above and beyond to help us with our data foundation and beyond. We appreciated her level of attention, follow-through and flexibility. Zulfiya has been a pleasure to work with from not only a technical aspect but a professional and personal one as well. We highly recommend Zulfiya and her team and only look forward to continuing working with her!

Patrick Madison - Cedar

Zulfiya and her team at the Omadli Group have been fantastic to work worth. Together, we built out, and are continuing to expand upon, a full business intelligence platform in PowerBI for both CEDARst (Real Estate Development) and Flats (Multi-Family Property Management), which use YARDI as its ERP. The Omadli team is responsive, nimble, and experienced. We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to working with them in the long-term.

Sean Cornell - Vimocity
Zulfiya, a stellar data analyst, revolutionized Vimocity’s analytics. Her AWS tools integration boosted efficiency by 70%, automating reports and saving 90% of manual effort. Responsive and innovative, she’s a game-changer for any data-driven organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outgrids

Here are some common questions we receive about our technical solutions.

What services does Omadli Group offer?
Omadli Group specializes in data analytics solutions designed to empower businesses with actionable insights. Our services include data warehouse and ETL strategies, data mining and visualization, AI and machine learning, data analysis and testing, data optimization and business process improvement, as well as project management.
How does Omadli Group ensure data security and privacy?
At Omadli Group, data security and privacy are paramount. We adhere to industry best practices and employ robust security measures to safeguard our clients’ data. Our team is well-versed in compliance requirements and ensures that data handling procedures are carried out with the utmost integrity and responsibility.
How can Omadli Group help my business make informed decisions?
Our team of dedicated data analysts leverages advanced techniques and technologies to extract valuable insights from your data. Whether it’s identifying trends, predicting future outcomes, or optimizing processes, we provide the insights you need to make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes for your business.
What industries does Omadli Group serve?

Omadli Group serves a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and technology. Our tailored solutions can be adapted to meet the unique needs and challenges of various sectors, helping businesses across different industries unlock their full potential through data analytics.

How does Omadli Group approach project management?

Our project management approach is comprehensive and tailored to each client’s specific requirements. From initial planning and scoping to execution and delivery, we ensure that projects are managed efficiently, on time, and within budget. Our experienced project managers oversee every aspect of the project to ensure successful outcomes.

What sets Omadli Group apart from other data analytics providers?
At Omadli Group, our commitment to Excellence, Service, and Integrity sets us apart. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results and provide unparalleled customer service. Our deep expertise in data analytics, combined with our dedication to ethical practices and client satisfaction, makes us the go-to partner for businesses seeking to harness the power of data for success.